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Treatment in the best Polish Private hospitals. Avail of the European Cross Border Healthcare Directive (CBD).

Treatment in the best Polish Private hospitals

Avail of the European Cross Border Healthcare Directive (CBD).

Get full reimbursement of the treatment costs.

General rules of the CBD

  • Avoid waiting lists for diagnostics and treatment
  • Any resident of the Republic of Ireland eligible for public healthcare in Ireland can avail of the Cross Border Healthcare Directive
  • Cost of any treatment available in public healthcare system in Ireland can be reimbursed with the CBD scheme
  • Private health insurance of Medical Card are not required
  • We will provide you with guidance needed to avail of the CBD
  • We will connect you with best private hospitals in Poland
  • Contact details: mobile:086 44 77 387

Range of medical procedures covered by the CBD

  • Back Pain, Spinal Surgery, Low Invasive (Laparoscopic) Neurosurgical Procedures, Neurorehabilitation,
  • Full Range of Orthopedic Surgical Procedures including Knee Joints Reconstruction, Hip and Knee Joint replacement, Elbow and Shoulder Joint Surgery
  • Post-trauma and Post-Op Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy
  • Full Range ENT Procedures for Children and Adults, including Hearing Implants
  • Full Range of Surgical Procedures including Hernia, Holecystectomy, etc.
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostics and Treatment
  • Gyne Surgery including Postpartum Reconstruction Procedures, Incontinence Treatment
  • Child Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery Procedures including Varicose Veins Procedures
  • Diagnostics including Colonoscopy, MRI and CT Scans, Polysomnography, etc.
  • Ophthalmic Surgery including Cataract
  • Other Medical Procedures

Leczenie w Polsce dla pacjentów z Irlandii

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